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Susan Kishner
December 14th, 2009 @10:27 am  

Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template

December 14th, 2009 @11:00 am  

Hi Javier,

This concept is important and we need to learn how to pay ourselves us first in order to increase our net worth. I’m going to pick up Increase your Financial IQ by Robert Kiyosaki. It seems like a great read.


December 14th, 2009 @1:26 pm  

Hey Vincent,

Yeah. Definitely must implement this concept as it is proven to us so many successful people recommend this in their book. Most important is dare to make a move to set aside a percentage so you feel uncomfortable about it. Slowly you will spike with ways to solve the money issue along the way.


December 14th, 2009 @1:29 pm  

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the comment. Great to see you like the post :)


July 28th, 2011 @12:01 am  

Hi Javier,

Thanks for a great post, which summarizes a lot of thinking on this important topic. Becoming financially literate is a big step for many of us as we take more responsibility for our lives.

So many people just spend, accumulating debt, somehow hoping that “something will happen” to turn things around. Bringing awareness to money (which is basically an energy) can ensure that we use it wisely and are open for the opportunities that will present themselves to us.

I love T Harv Ecker’s view that our money situation is just a reflection of our inner beliefs and assumptions. That no amount of working in “the real world” will make a difference if our mental programs are set up for a life of lack and financial struggle.

On my own inner journey through yoga and meditation I have found that moving beyond the limiting thoughts brings a greater experience of health and abundance.

Thanks again for your thought-provoking post.

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