Got this idea of writing my own bucket list through one of Singapore famous blogger, Clestine Chua.

The purpose of this bucket list to write down a wish list of all the goals that I want to achieve in my life and the life-experiences I want to experience before moving on to my next life. This list will definitely be updated as and when I have new things I want to achieve and those things I have already achieve before this post date will not be written here.

[Last Update: 7 Nov 2014]

1) Become financially free before the age of 30

2) Become a rich dad to teach my kids about passive income

3) Travel across a state through hot-air balloon

4) Travel the world to give seminars

5) Visit great wall of china (Completed in Sept 2013)

6) Visit Rome

7) Go to Manchester United stadium

8) Go to visit Stonehenge

9) Watch a live match of Manchester United match

10) Catch a ride on helicopter

11) Get my driving license (Completed in 9 Dec 2010)

12) Have a table tennis table in my home

13) Have a pool table in my home

14) Sit on a to-to train

15) Get a small plane license

16) Experience sky diving

17) Try out bungee jump

18) Drive my own car

19) Have a pent house along the sea side

20) Go vacation in Maldives

21) Visit DisneyLands

22) Learn how to drive a speed boat

23) Work with top entrepreneurs around the world especially robert kiyosaki, tony robbins

24) Bring my parents on overseas trip

25) Travel to different countries for mini retirements like Tim Ferris style

26) Able to be my own boss

27) Learn how to speak Japanese

28) Learn how to speak Malay

29) Learn how to speak Cantonese

30) Go snorkeling and experience marine life up close

31) Sleep in a hammock

32) Visit and explore a castle

33) Witness a meteor shower

34) Ride a camel

35) Visit the pyramids at Egypt

36) Meet my mentors in their home town

37) Attend an affiliate submit overseas

38) Go horseback riding (Completed in Oct 2014)

39) Learn roller blading (Completed in Aug 2010)

40) Hit best sellers’ list with my book

41) See snow

42) Visit the Eiffel Tower

43) Visit the Statue of Liberty

44) Visit the Gundam Building in Japan

45) Have a holiday in Alaska

46) Run a full marathon (Completed in Dec 2010)

47) Visit Japan Fuji Mountain

48) Try out racing in race track

49) Watch TED live at the location where they gather

50) Stay on the sea for one month

51) Learn how to play guitar

52) Go to Singapore Esplanade to listen to a concert

53) Try watersports (banana boat, parachuting on the sea)

54) Go Tony Robbins island at Fiji

55) Sit in a limousine

56) Go to Bora Bora with my loved one

57) Stay overseas for a 3 month period

58) Ride on an elephant (Completed in Mar 2011)

59) Visit President Stone Crave Trail

60) Visit Taj Mahal in India

61) Visit Burj Al Arab in Dubai

62) Join a Toastmaster Club